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Questions for Theme Thursday, April 14, 2022

Easter Eggs in Movies: Sometimes directors hide fun things in their movies to reward fans for watching very closely. Here are five famous examples.

Answers in tomorrow’s email.

1. According to its director David Fincher, what 1999 movie contains at least one Starbucks cup in every scene?

2. Pixar filmmaker Lee Unkrich peppered references to his favorite movie throughout the “Toy Story” franchise. The most obvious is the carpet in Sid’s house in the first “Toy Story,” which is identical to the carpet in the Overlook Hotel. What is Unkrich’s favorite movie?

3. If you stick around until the end of what animated film, you’ll see a disclaimer stating that Disney doesn’t endorse Kristoff’s comment that “all men eat their own boogers”?

4. A gravestone for Nick Fury in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” (who is alive, no spoilers) shows a line from Ezekiel 25:17. This is a reference to Samuel L. Jackson’s role in what 1994 film?

5. The term “Easter egg” for secret things hidden in movies is sometimes erroneously traced to what 1975 movie, based on an off-Broadway musical and starring Susan Sarandon? It’s true that the cast held an Easter egg hunt on the set, and three of those hidden eggs wound up in the film itself, but the term wasn’t coined until a few years later.