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Answers to Thursday, February 24, 2022

1. “Ringu” was a very scary Japanese movie that was remade into an American horror movie (still scary) called “The Ring.” What British Australian actor starred in the American remake?

Naomi Watts

2. A donut is a type of ring. As N.K. Jemisin fans know, what is the proper term for the geometric shape that most people would call a “donut-shape”?


3. Who became the first person to view Saturn’s rings in 1610?

Galileo Galilei

4. The Ring of the Fisherman, also known as the Pescatorio, is part of the official uniform for what position?

The Pope

5. Tom Brady is the football player with the most Super Bowl rings, with seven. What retired linebacker and defensive end for the Cowboys and the 49ers has the second-most, with five?

Charles Haley