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Tuesday, February 8

Five questions to wake up your noodle. Answers in tomorrow’s email.

1. “Delight” is the delightful middle name of what legendary record producer, studio executive, and musician, who also co-founded the magazine “Vibe” in 1993?

2. Out of Henry VIII’s six wives, how many were named Mary?

3. If you look at the geographic centers of each of the lower 48 states, which state’s center is the furthest west?

4. Who was nicknamed “America’s Oldest Teenager” all the way up until his death in 2012?

5. Biologist Lynn Margulis developed the theory of symbiogenesis in 1967, greatly expanding our understanding of how species evolve. Despite her pioneering research, she is often better remembered as the ex-wife of what astronomer and astrophysicist, who died in 1996?