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1 Soviet Union

I’m thoroughly confused. I thought for sure it was Finland as that is who the USA beat to win the gold. In looking at the final standings USSR was second and Finland 4th. Why wasn’t Finland second place since they lost the gold medal game???

IIRC the medal round crossover games from the other pool, not single elimination. They were playing Finland on Sunday regardless of how they did against the USSR on Friday. A loss to Finland either dropped them to bronze or possibly out of the money.

Correct. It wasn’t a tournament format the way we think about it. Two teams from each pool advanced, with the game result from pool play against the other team from your pool carrying over to the medal round, and you played both teams from the other pool.

The US and Sweden tied in their game, so both brought one point over to the Medal Round.

The Soviets went 5-0 in their pool, with Finland going 3-2 (The Soviets thus brought 2 pts in for the final standings, Finland 0 pts)

If the US had tied the Finns, I believe they still would have won gold, as they would have been tied with the Soviets in the standings, but won the head-to-head. If the US had lost to the Finns, it would have been Soviets – Gold, Finland – Silver, USA Bronze. I might be off on that part, as I’m not certain on the tie-breakers.