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Friday, February 4

Five questions to wake up your noodle. Answers in Monday’s email.

1. Quit While You’re Ahead: The 37th parallel provides part of the border for six states, more than any other line of latitude or longitude. One of those states is Colorado, and the other five all touch Colorado (if you count corner-to-corner borders). Name as many of them as you can for 1 point each. Zero points total if you get any wrong.

2. You probably call it “the ‘Peanuts’ song,” but it has a name. The Vince Guaraldi composition is named after which two “Peanuts” characters?

3. What art form gets its name from the Greek for “writing with light”?

4. Hindu mythology says that the god Vishnu poked a hole in heaven with his toenail, and out flowed what river?

5. Today is February 4. It is the birthday of both Rosa Parks and Betty Friedan. Who was born first?