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Theme Thursday, February 3

Today’s theme is: She Doesn’t Even Go Here. Five questions about things that aren’t from where they claim to be from.

1. Hawaiian pizza isn’t from Hawai’i. If you look closely at its ingredients, you’ll realize it was invented in 1962 in what country?

2. The Persians invented window coverings that used horizontal slats. They were brought to the west by Italian traders—particularly by traders from what city?

3. The tarboosh is a tasseled hat that was invented in the Balkans and popularized throughout the Ottoman empire. It was not, despite its more popular name, invented in Morocco. What is the tarboosh more commonly called?

4. What Chinese invention—which shares its name with Elliott Smith’s first album—is illegal in at least fifteen states (including Minnesota) and was not, despite its name, invented in Italy?

5. This round gets its title from a line in what 2004 movie?