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Wednesday, February 2

Five questions to wake up your noodle.

1. What humorous series has had incarnations as a radio show, a book series, a film, a TV series, and an early computer game, and begins with the story of the last human alive after the destruction of Earth?

2. If a spirit is “100 proof,” what percent of it is alcohol?

3. James Earl Jones and Madge Sinclair played Simba’s parents in “The Lion King.” Those same two actors played an African king and queen together one other time, six years earlier, in what movie?

4. Mario of Nintendo fame wasn’t always named Mario. His original name is now a trademark owned by Nike, and appears in the title of a 2015 song by Drake. What is it?

5. What geological term was first used as a political metaphor in 1856, prior to the election of President James Buchanan?