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Monday, January 31

Five questions to wake up your noodle. Answers in tomorrow’s email.

1. The lion’s mane, the peacock’s tail feathers, and the mandrill’s bright red nose are three prominent examples of sexual BLANK. What 10-letter word fills that blank?

2. Henry VIII forbade commoners from playing his favorite game, for fear they would become better at it than he was. Today it’s quite popular among commoners, and is played in two formats: “deck” and “table.” What game is it?

3. Cameo, Haralson, Topaz, and Jonathan are all types of… what?

4. Singer Helen Kane tried to sue an animation studio in 1932 for copyright infringement. The lawsuit was dropped when it was revealed that she had ripped off her act from a Black performer named Esther Jones. What animated character was at the heart of this trial?

5. What U.S. city is home to an international airport whose roof famously has 36 peaks, to symbolize the nearby snow-covered mountains?