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Bladepuller wrote:

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Bladepuller wrote:

5. Harley Davidson. It is from the V twin orientation and both cylinders on the same crankpin. This is more so about the older engine lines exhaust sound. Shovelheads to be exact. Evos some, but the Twin Cam & now the Milwaukee 8 are all fuel injected & computerized.

And, they still try to replicate the sound as much as they can, even with the new technology.

I think that the MoCo has a patent on the sound. Well, that’s the urban myth.

Sportys, old ones, had it too. V- Rods with the water cooled Porsche designed engine, not at all. Then the V-Rod rockets weren’t real Hogs.😮

Urban legend is correct.

In 1994, they applied for a trademark on the sound, but withdrew the application in 2000, with no ruling having been made.