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Best thing I ever did for my video calls was take them in my shop with my wall of antique tools behind me. It’s a topic of conversation on calls that I am not regularly on. People get a kick out of it.

90% of my Zoom virtual backgrounds are of photos I’ve taken in my travels over the years. It makes a great conversation starter for any meeting.

My new one is of some colorful jellyfish (Sea Nettles to be specific) that I took at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha over the weekend

We were vacationing on Roatan, off Honduras on a beautiful snorkeling bay. It was popular with cruise ship day trippers so we were sitting on our deck having lunch. Suddenly this woman starts screaming “JELLYFISH! JELLYFISH!” and thrashing around like a nutcase. A local guy standing there slowly picks up the “jellyfish” and says “Calm down lady, it’s a plastic bag”. My husband started laughing so hard he almost choked on his sandwich. She got all pissy and embarrassed, stormed out the water and stomped off to the bar. :lol: