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Greyeagle wrote:

JC65 wrote:

I’ve spent 20 minutes this morning, and four emails, trying to convince our logistics department that the United Arab Emirates is in the Middle East (as defined by our logistics).

Them: That part can only be shipped to EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa)

Me: I know, I’m trying to ship it to the UAE

Them: But you can’t ship it to the Americas

Me: I know, I’m trying to ship it to the UAE

:hahano: :shock: :lol: :hahano:

I had a similar experienced a couple years ago. We used to have most all of our returned goods sent to Decatur. A business I support is an exception due to FDA requirements so returned material needs to be sent back to our manufacturing location in CA. Someone coordinating a return slipped up and had material returned to the Decatur location. Our quality manager sent me (and copied the world) a scathing email demanding to know why I had material sent to France. My big dilemma was do I call him out publicly or privately. I went for the latter….which paid off in the long run.

You’re a FAR better man than I… :lol: