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Kelly Red wrote:

Cowgirl wrote:

Wanna know what’s worse than the over an hour long wait at the airport for a PCR test? “Inconclusive” results. :anger:

I’d like to retest to try and get an answer but there’s nothing open for at least a week. One popped up tomorrow at the airport but I’m not going through that again. I’m debating standing in line at open in Bloomington tomorrow but it’s supposed to be -3 and 11mph wind. 🥶🥶🥶🥶

I wish they’d reopen the Burnsville location.

Edit: even better, the home spit tests they mail to you came back in stock.


Only so many given out per day. FYI start over if they ask for a credit card. It should be free!

Cowgirl, there are no more walk-ups, it’s appointment only so hopefully your problem the last time doesn’t reoccur. I would think with only appointments there wouldn’t be a long line. I’d go for it.

It’s day by day on whether they allow walk ins at the airport; I found and appointment this am and I wasn’t going to risk waiting for an hour and being late to work, and it was too cold to stand in line in Bloomington. My question now is once I receive the home test, how long to get through on the “virtual waiting room” to meet with someone to supervise the test as you have to do that for it to be valid. Even though I’ve taken 20 of these already and know how to properly spit in the tube. 😂