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My parents, both in their 80s, found out yesterday that they had been exposed to COVID on Friday. The were tested yesterday and are waiting for results. (Exposure was Friday, they learned of it on Tuesday -edited for clarity)

They’re both vaccinated and boosted. And the chances are very good that they’ve been exposed to COVID before now considering they live in an area with relatively low vaccine rates, but still the suspense sucks.

We’re all exposed to it frequently. Its just a matter of duration of exposure and the level of exposure. Sharing a glass? Or standing on opposite sides of the room?

Twice a week they eat lunch at the senior center. The person with the positive test was one of the people dishing up food in the cafeteria-style line. This person also then wandered around while people ate and bussed tables. The confirmed COVID person was masked most/all of the time, but my parents were eating and therefore not masked all the time.

They probably weren’t in very close proximity for very long, but they were in the same room for around 45 minutes.

Like you say, I’m sure they’ve been exposed before and just not known it.

We are all exposed to this level of COVID every time we go out. I have been fairly conservative with COVID and I would not consider this risky. If they’re boosted, they would hopefully have minimal risk.

When my 10 year old had COVID, I sat with him at a table twice for an hour each to help him with school and I didn’t get infected. This was Nov 2020, before vaccines were available and we were not wearing masks. This was before Delta and Omicron so things have changed, but the time of exposure doesn’t sound prolonged.