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Kelly Red wrote:

g-manpuck wrote:

The out of control egos and lack of respect for their opponents have me really questioning the Brands brothers of Iowa as leaders of the Iowa Hawkeye wrestling team. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that Iowa beat Iowa State last night in Ames. But the pure lack of respect, especially shown by assistant head coach Terry Brands, is just damn embarrassing. He almost instigated a fight between the two teams at the conclusion of the meet. Several Iowa wrestlers projected their coaches attitude during their matches, which weren’t dominating by any stretch of the imagination. I wish Terry could learn from his son Nelson, who won a very close match, who at the end of his match didn’t over celebrate and calmly shook the hand of his opponent to show his respect for him.

I have no love for Austin DeSanto and his antics and I am now getting fed up with Terry Brands as well. Give me a team full of Alex Marinelli’s who works his ass off and always shows respect for his opponent at the end of the match. The thing is that I see this over the top behavior even at the high school level. Coaches and officials let so much crap slide. I would ding a team a point every time that I would see it happen. It is just B.S.

It’s the professional wrestling “show” filtered down to college and HS sports. The puffed up chest, smack talking, clenched fist/open mouth scream that is everywhere. I hate it. It’s not just wresting, other sports are just as bad.

Sports, and school board meetings. :lol: