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g-manpuck wrote:

Supply chain issues are just confusing now. First it was toilet paper in spring 2020 and then other sundries at the grocery store. The thought was demand was higher than supply. It just grew from there; ammo for guns, microchips for everything, and now farm chemicals. What is the common link? I don’t believe it’s labor related but who knows?

Car lots are very sparse, at least here in Mankato. I haven’t seen a full shelf of ammo since 2019 in any store. Before I left my weekend gig with Pepsi they were slimming down their brands because of aluminum and sweetener shortages. They still haven’t returned all of their brands from pre-pandemic. In my main job of industrial pipe welding we have seen ebbs and flows of material availability with stainless being the most volatile in both pricing and availability.

It’s all just confusing and frustrating all around.

Some people are still hoarding things. Ammo is one for sure. I have several co-workers who routinely share photos and brag about their ever expanding collection of firearms and ammunition. “You never know when I won’t be able to get it, or they won’t let me buy it any more.” They have shelves upon shelves of it.

So while supply chains are an issue, people hoarding things still aren’t helping either.

I don’t get the ammo hoarding thing really. Take me for instance, I only duck and pheasant hunt so that is a particular set of ammo that I will purchase. The three sizes of shot that I use for that have rarely been on the shelf at Fleet Farm or Scheels here in Mankato. Now I don’t drive all over the countryside like my future son-in-law does to find ammo that he probably won’t even shoot this year. I had enough ammo left over from last year to go out a couple weekends this fall. I checked a hand full of times for ammo and it wasn’t on the shelf so I didn’t hunt after I was out. It didn’t feed some fire in me to hoard ammo every time I see it on the shelf throughout the year. The sad thing is you hear that it may take anywhere from 3 to 5 years to get ammo shelves full like they were in 2019.