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The supply chain shortage has caught up to me. Normally, I wait until March to order the chemicals that I need for my crops that year. It is a pretty expensive cost for me, so I like to wait. Last year I had problems getting the stuff I needed, and my supplier, warned me that I may want to order them earlier this year. So, I went to order them yesterday, and almost everything I use is not available. So, I had to pivot and buy a different type of spray. Well, that meant I had to go to the people who I bought my seed from and cancel those orders and reorder seed that will work with the new chemicals I had to buy. To top it off, they are requiring me to pick up the chemicals when they get them next week and take them home. Problem is, I don’t have any heated sheds other than my garage attached to my house( most of the stuff can not freeze or they are useless). So, I now have to try to make room for these chemicals over the winter, and hopefully I can still get my vehicle in the garage. I have a feeling there will be a lot of weedy fields this year and many farmers will be digging out cultivators from the groves to do it old school… :censored: