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Is it standard procedure when you are working with customer service (spectrum is the one I’m working on now) to put you on hold to “look into it” and then either completely hang up on you, or kick you back to the general wait list?

This would be highly unlikely, although a smaller tel-com that doesn’t outsource their customer service might be able to ‘get away with it’ more so than if you were calling T-Mobile or the like. My company has provided customer service, sales, tech support, etc. for TMob, Bell Canada, AT&T, Comcast, etc. and there is no way a single one of them would put up with this handling their customers in such a way. In fact we don’t have a single telephony application that would make it possible to put a contact back into the queue. Hanging up would be another story.

The only we can send someone into a queue is to transfer them to another skill and I am almost positive we cannot transfer callers back into the same skill they are already on. My teams are typically dealing with a very specific set of customers (unlike the support SS) provides) so if we do accidently hang up on caller ( Mr. Fat Fingers checking in :wave: ) we almost always know the caller and can ring them back quickly.

A specific set of customers doesn’t like to be taken.