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Trying to buy football tickets (single game vs. OSU, student season for the boy) and the website keeps crashing when actually trying to reach the ticket buy page. I’m going to be in town for that game and it would be my first opportunity to see the Bank.

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Sounds like the NPS website for buying passes to Glacier Nat’l Park and Going to the Sun Road. I have no problems getting my ticket, though I read all the time in a GNP fb page. People are saying the GTTSR passes sell out in 3 minutes every day.

The national Parks are getting huge numbers of visitors as a result of COVID. We are a little worried about being able to get into Arches and Zion next month when we go. There is talk of ticketed entries and such but I don’t think it will happen until September if it does.

Generally we’ve taken our vacations to some pretty busy places the two weeks leading up to Labor Day with very few crowds. I hope it’s similar this year since a large part of the country will have kids just going back to school

In the past we’ve had good luck the week before Labor Day as so many people are in “back to school mode.”