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Steve MN wrote:

JC65 wrote:

Steve MN wrote:

What I don’t understand is why, once they have a repair scheduled, they don’t set aside the parts needed. Once or twice, ok, maybe something went wrong on an earlier repair for the same issue, but FIVE times?!?!?

I expect they’re scheduling service based on when they expect to receive the part, and the part isn’t showing up.

The supply chain people I’m hearing from told me about EIGHTEEN WEEK lead times for some of the parts we rely on. They suspect a lot of that is padding and I sure do hope they’re right.

I suppose that makes sense… but that’s a HORRIBLE practice…. make the customer shuffle their life to get in to get a safety issue fixed, and keep cancelling?

I had this happen with my Nissan a couple times where they expected the part then didn’t have it. It was pretty annoying but the second time it happened I actually contacted the guy who sold me both my Nissans and confirmed it was indeed an issue because he knew I’d find out anyways.

However, in Fightclub’s case they didn’t play the “you aren’t a good service customer” card. That’s beyond horrible.