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Kelly Red wrote:

Goldy Guy wrote:

We have had nothing but trouble with Sonju Ford in Two Harbors. They are by far the worst business to ever deal with. They don’t stand behind their warranties and belittle you. They even blocked my wife’s phone number while they had our car in their possession for eight months!! It was ridiculous. I have no idea how the service manager there has a job. Zero people skills and just a complete lack of anything. We ended up having to get it towed from their service center to a ford dealership in Duluth to finally get the needed repairs done, which were under warranty. It took a total of 10 months, all the while we were paying on a vehicle we did not have in our possession. What a mess. Never again.

Yikes! Boy if that was me I’d be escalating the situation. I’d contact Ford and lodge a complaint. Those dealerships/branded service centers are linked to Ford, they need to know when one falls that far short of customer service. I would send a bullet outline to Ford, do NOT send to the GM or President. Look online and see if you can find a VP to start with. (Check Elliott Advocacy under their CAR forum for current names/emails). Besides telling them about these serious issue lapses, what do you want as compensation? They’re not going to give you 8-10 months of payments, but I’d ask for the towing charge, extended warranty if you want and a round amount for your problems. I would drive home the point you had to pay for a car you couldn’t use AND that another dealership had the repair done in minimum time. Honestly that’s outrageous.

A second email to the MN AG may also light a fire.

I do love exposing people/companies for poor service/products. Don’t avoid social media. Many companies will make up for your problems when they are faced with public reviews.

I once purchased two faucets for a bathroom remodel. Both of them had the same defect which caused them to leak internally. The leak caused damage to my brand new Thomasville vanity. I gave a very negative product rating on the Home Depot website. The company fell over themselves trying to make it better and, more importantly, have me remove the product review. They paid for two new faucets of my choice and paid for the cost of a new cabinet. IIRC, it cost them around $2,000 to fix the review and make it right.