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davescharf wrote:

Vegoe wrote:

$ – https://theathletic.com/2952789/2021/11/15/amid-sports-tv-chaos-what-happens-if-sinclairs-rsns-go-bankrupt-next-year/?article_source=search&search_query=Bally%5C%5C%27s%20RSN

Sinclair Broadcast Corp. paid $9.6 billion in an August 2019 highly leveraged deal for the Fox Sports RSNs. Sinclair’s RSN subsidiary business, Diamond Sports, was forced to write-down the value of the acquisition by $4.2 billion and continues to face debt pressure over the deal. It has failed to restructure its $8 billion-plus in debt this summer and is focused on creating its own streaming service that could cost $15 to $20 a month starting in the first half of 2022.

I’ll be curious to see how many people actually will pay that price. I think it’s a lot less than they believe.

If you had done this 3-4 years ago… sure. Now? Hell no. I am done chasing them, I changed TV providers several times – enough where my wife was ready to throw me out of the house haha. I finally stopped changing. Now, as I have watched less, I also care less and don’t feel the need to watch every game anymore.

Additionally, money has become more tight as the cost for everything is increasing and both our wages haven’t moved in 2 years, and I took a 5% cut 18 months ago. I lost my 401k match at the start of this, and that hasn’t come back either. I have a hard time believing I am the only one in that scenario. We aren’t adding any streaming/media packages anytime soon. $5 per month, I’d probably do it. $20? Not a chance. Maybe give me a per game option, $2 per game and I can pick 2-3 games per month to watch? I’d consider that.

4-5 years ago, I was all for picking and choosing and paying for only what I wanted. Currently, I HATE the fragmentation of media where I have to create an account, switch apps, log-in and log-out of several different things just to watch something different. This thing is only available here, that show is only available there.

I wonder how Peacock is doing? I don’t think as well as they thought either. They pulled the office and parks and rec off Netflix, 2 of the most popular shows, and I think just assumed everyone would sign up. I don’t know anyone who signed up as they all either watch those shows some other way now, or just took a break from bingeing them constantly.