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frozen4champs wrote:

Another story on the soon to be launched Bally Sports streaming service.


How long does the Wild’s contract with Sinclair run? I have ZERO interest to have gambling shoved down my throat while watching sports. It completely ruins the fun for me. So much so that I refuse to watch NFL games with any of my friends who play fantasy football. To each their own, I just have no interest in it. When KFAN runs their fantasy sports and sports betting segments I turn it off. I want to be oblivious to all of that, and if it is going to be constantly thrown up on the screen or have a ticker (which I hate anyway) devoted to gambling I will be done with it.

I also have no interest in paying $25/month for just the Wild & Twins on top of my regular TV.

I will admit, I was completely wrong about this. The fragmentation of media and channels has completely sucked, and I have lost interest in a lot of it. “Only available on Peacock”, etc. I have to have 47 different accounts and sign in and out of apps to watch different things, not just change a channel. I hate it. Originally I was one of the ones begging to be able to pick only the channels I want and pay for those. Now I hate it, every bit of it.

If this is the way it is going, I will just find “alternative methods” of watching the games I want to see or just not watch at all.