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streakygopher wrote:

Ah, give me the days of Midwest Sports Channel with pre-game analysis, special interest stories, and post game interviews with players and coaches.

Watching Gopher hockey on the Big10 Network by comparison just sucks. They more often than not start the game late, cutting right into game play 5 minutes into the first period and when the game ends, it’s like somebody tripped over power cord. They can’t break away fast enough.

I do not recall MSC doing much of this, but I know that FSN did a TON of it back in the day.

You need to realize that the B10 Network has A LOT more to cover than just one market and a handful of sports like FSN/BSN does. So they have very little flexibility compared to FSN/BSN. Starting late, cutting away… That is the deal when you have a national network with tons of different sports covering 14 schools.