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Sioux/Bucky Hater wrote:

Chris83 wrote:

I don’t have access to “Bollywood Sports North” or whatever it’s going by nowadays. Saw the Wild game vs Vegas was NBCSN, tuned over and got the “This program is blocked in your area”. I’m so over the draconian blackout rules for TV sports. Twins, Wild and whatever else is on BSN, see ‘ya. It’s become so impossible to view my local teams, the time to tap out is here. It’s incredible that we’re in the year 2021 and it was easier to see the Twins and the local NHL team with the antenna on my parents’ roof and 4 channels than it is now. Obviously no one gives 2 sh*ts about me as a fan and consumer and the feeling is more than mutual.

DirecTV will show you what you want to see.

Unfortunately for this option, I live out a bit and in a heavily wooded area. We can’t get a good line of sight for the DirecTV satellite. Their techs have been out and tried previously.