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JWG wrote:

Steve MN wrote:

The Xfinity Roku app basically pulls up the “Guide” like you would on a cable/satellite box. Doesn’t have the DVR type functionality (even just pause for the show you’ve got up at the time) but works very well otherwise. I’ve got just my main box in my entertainment room, and use the Roku app for my office and bedroom TVs

Slick. We use Roku in our BR as well, but it’s by APP (CNN, History Channel, Fox Sports Go, etc., etc., etc.).

It’d be nice to not have to do that. Score one for Xfinity.

Don’t know how well (if at all) the Xfinity Roku app does on-demand for movies or anything. And I’m thinking that I’d need the Fox Sports Go app for out of market games, but for the stuff that I could just pull up on my general service through a cable box, I can get it through the app, just with a bit of a delay (seems about 45 seconds up to two minutes or so for the hockey games so far)