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davescharf wrote:

We came to Omaha for a short Spring Break trip and ate at a place in the Old Market. They had a Pineapple Cinnamon cider from a brewery in the middle of nowhere Nebraska.

Pineapple isn’t a flavor I gravitate towards in beer and this sounds like a strange combo but it was an excellent cider. I’d have never guessed it would actually work

That sounds really interesting. I’ve had a couple pineapple/jalapeno blondes that worked out very well. Sweet/hot combo was nice.

Did try the new Central Waters’ 7 Layer Stout: BA, with cacao, lactose, toasted coconut, and graham crackers. 4pk 12oz = $17 or so. 12%.

This is a one and done. THICCCC. Rich. VERY rich. I 3 poured one for the Gophers game last night.