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Someday I’ll get to the southern metro breweries. That’s one part of town we haven’t been to much of

I grew up down that way so I’m pretty familiar with them. Giesenbrau in New Prague I am NOT a fan of. Boathouse Brothers in PL started off rough, but they’ve really improved over the last year. Badger Hill I feel has gone downhill lately. I believe they got a new head brewer and their stuff just hasn’t vibed with me lately.

If you can make it all the way down to Montgomery, that one is kind of a gem. Super small taproom, their stouts and porters are really solid.

I will have to check out Boathouse Brothers again. The first time I went a couple of years ago, I wasn’t that impressed. Shakopee Brewhall has some good selections.

Yeah, the first year or so they were open, I was not very impressed. But kept going because 1) they’re both really nice guys and 2) I grew up in PL, parents still live there, and I really love the IDEA of having them on Main Street.

What they’ve done with that building is amazing. Turned it from the dingy bar that the kids I went to high school with did drugs at, into the really cool taproom they have there now!

The last year in particular they’ve really stepped it up and listened to their clientele on what works, and what doesn’t. I don’t think it’s award winning beer, but for a suburban/exurban brewery, it’s solid.