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Cowgirl wrote:

Lone Pine Brewing in Portland ME is phenomenal.

Wasn’t sure what to expect with this – mostly tart margarita flavor. A little disappointed I don’t really taste donuts. :lol: 16490A2F-1964-4B54-A27D-B4D3126D8A27.jpeg

Are you delivering to Plymouth? I mean MN and not MA :lol:

I found out my parents are flying now instead of driving to Boston, but dad did agree to stop at Trillium and bring back a small amount of beer for me. Them flying likely saved me a lot of money in terms of how much I’d have had them get.

On a totally different note we met some friends at Nine Mile down in Bloomington. The space is really large and it was pretty packed on Saturday night even at 5:30pm. For a place that just opened in mid-February the beer was better than a number of breweries that have been open for years. The only downside to being that busy is that they said they’re having trouble making beer fast enough to meet demand, but they still had 6 or 7 options while we were there.