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The Rube wrote:

Blackstack is insane with their IPAs. The newest one is Disintegration, a quad IPA. It doesn’t mess around. 12.5%, IIRC, very odd color for a hazy, but also smooth and delicious. Gotta watch yourself with this one.

I don’t love that Blackstack cranks out different IPA after different IPA… I mean I get it, but I’m not going to buy every single one that comes out. BUT… I did get this one and also thought it was delicious–not at all like a 12.5% ABV beer.

I tried the Darkness Blueberry Crumble tonight… not my thing. Only rum ba beer I’ve liked has been Rum King and I think it’s because they brewed a brown sugar bomb imperial stout, maybe the only way it works? I’ve tried maybe four or five and I might be done even trying it going forward as the flavors don’t mix right for me.