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My Father in Law passed away earlier this week so I took it upon myself to buy some beer for the Visitation/Funeral this week. He’d drink anything you gave him but if you were at his house it was either MGD, Mich Golden Light, or Hamms…and most of the time it was a good couple months after the ‘best drink by’ date. Since he played baseball for the Miesville Mudhens and they were sponsored by Hamms in the day that’s the route I went.

I went to get some after grocery shopping at Hy-Vee today. The smallest size was a 30-pack and it was still $6 cheaper than the 4-pack of a Humble Forager Stout that I found there. The woman ringing it up at Hy-Vee liquor was confused for a good 30 seconds thinking something was wrong and that gave me a good laugh.