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    Surly Darkness has hit the shelves. Hopefully it’s not the raisin-bomb that it was last year (although after a few months, last year’s version balanced out quite a bit).

    Mine last year tastes like a bitter licorice bomb. I just had a bottle again a few weeks ago and agree it balanced out really nice…much like what you’d expect from Darkness.

    Snowstorm isn’t really a good comparison though because it’s an entirely different style every year.

    Cracked this year’s tonight. Less raisin, a little more cherry. BUT, this is officially a beer you need to let sit. This is 4 years in a row now where it’s too (insert taste) fresh, and the last 3 years have mellowed nicely (obviously don’t know about this year’s). Next year, unless I find it on tap, I won’t even bother opening a fresh bottle.

    There ya go. :)

    I usually try to seek it out on tap to try fresh rather than open a bottle. Blue Door Pub usually does a Winter Solstice tapping for ‘fresh’ darkness or I’ll swing by the brewery for a pour. I usually let the bottle sit for at least a year or more.