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g-manpuck wrote:

Last night I tried this year’s Schells Snowstorm since someone blew the Oktoberfest keg last weekend at The Loose Moose…wasn’t me this year. Anyway this year Snowstorm is a confusing beer if you read their description on their website.


As every Midwesterner knows, no two snowstorms are ever alike and that’s what makes this brew so special. This year’s Oat Starkbier is a malt-driven dark lager meant for the coldest of winter nights. The creamy mouthfeel from the oats smooths out the toasty notes, amplifying the rich Munich malt before a crisp finish

I am very underwhelmed with this Snowstorm. I have truly liked their darker versions of this in the past over this version.

Tried this last night. I concur. It’s purely meh.