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davescharf wrote:

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davescharf wrote:

The Rube wrote:

Hit up Back Channel today…Red Spoon imperial stout (18.75%). WHOA. Had a 5oz, for obvious reasons, but man oh man was it delicious. Dangerously delicious. Does NOT taste as strong as it is…

I’m going Sunday for Trunk or Treat and I hope this is still around. I really want to try it

Should be. Only 20~ people have checked it in so far on Untappd. Lots of heavy beers on tap right now at BC.

You definitely need the big boy pants for it. It still tastes strong but I really like it as well.

Edit – the Strokes (Wee Heavy) is also excellent

Per the membership email I received yesterday:

Lastly, because we love you all so much, as a BONUS bottle – we are filling up another special .375mL bottle of one of our big dogs that has been received so well by everyone. Red Spoon – Imperial Stout (18.75%) is the ultimate fat guy in a little coat, and it’ll be all yours in a tiny bottle soon.