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Zwak wrote:

For those of you who are Facebook friends me you will know that I have a part time job as a tour guide. I take people on food, beer, sightseeing tours of the Twin Cities.

This Saturday I am taking a bachelorette party to the following breweries that I have never been to. If any of you have, I would appreciate any insights.

1. Wooden HIll Brewing (Edina)

2. Boom Island Brewing (Minnetonka)

3. Unmapped Brewing (Minnetonka)

Thanks in advance!

What would you like to know? Boom Island has a nice space and they tend to be more Belgian influenced in their styles so you’ll see a few styles you don’t see many other places (Dubbels, Tripels, maybe a Lambic). Belgian beers are well known for having very distinct flavor profiles because of the yeasts they use to make them.

I personally find Belgian beers very hit and miss because of funkiness I get in the flavors. I wasn’t a huge fan of much they had there (and neither was my non beer geek wife) but if they have their Cuvee on tap (Cuvee de Boom) that would be one to try because it’s beer made in part with white wine grapes that give it a unique flavor.

I can’t speak personally to Unmapped or Wooden Hill because I don’t know that I’ve had a beer from either of them. I know the beer geek community frequently pans Unmapped but I couldn’t tell you why…and a Bachelorette party probably wouldn’t care what they think anyways.