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Slap Shot wrote:

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Abyss? They are now in 4 packs, as of at least this year.

Wait 3 years. For me, the molasses was just way too strong when the bottle was cracked fresh.

I might not be here in 3 years. :wink:

Plus it was in the cooler.

Can you fly it back? Serious question.

I could and I will bring some back with me but likely I will do cans not bottles. I’m also being somewhat facetious as I honestly don’t know if I’ll still be there or back full time.

The other factor that’s unique for me that you guys need to realize is unless I drive to Manila my access to quality beers there is somewhat limited. So while I’m here I’m exploring, trying as many beers new to me and not worrying about starting a collection. It’s just a treat for me to be able to try a beer this good that storage isn’t even my vocabulary.

I’d be doing the exact same thing if I were you. I still do when I travel to a new city.

If you’re here until the end of the month you’ll be able to buy Darkness on Halloween. I was disappointed in last years but it’s still a favorite for me.

I’ve always been more comfortable traveling with bottles wrapped in clothing. I haven’t had any issues with cans but it’s just been a personal preference