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    The Rube wrote:

    Steve MN wrote:

    Kings County does good work. My favorite is their peated bourbon.

    I had to think about this for a hot moment. The store I work at has a couple different bottles of it. About $100/per. I’ll look into it this Sat when I work.

    I’m still not sure what to think of Kings County — I like the idea, but just not at the price. I’d rather get barrel pick’s of KC, RR and ER than what I’ve had so far from Kings County.

    I get it though that craft bourbon is a tough market. You’re starting to almost pay for the production costs, not the quality… much like what happens in Napa and Bourdeaux. When Stagg BTAC started, it was a $40 bottle.

    And fair… the Fair comes around once a year before school starts.