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davescharf wrote:

Steve MN wrote:

Kings County does good work. My favorite is their peated bourbon.

I’m sure she said no to this because she doesn’t need anymore smoky flavored beverages in the house. I’m pretty sure she’s still upset about the smell from Hammerheart’s Bog Burial from a few years ago

The Bog Burial…God, that was the peat of all peats, the smoked of all smoked. Brisket In A Bottle.

Bought a 2-for-1 at Shorewood Liquor last weekend:

2013 Boulder Killer Penguin barleywine

Epic Big Bad Baptist Batch #19 (which turned out to be brewed in Jan ’13).

Cracked the Baptist tonight. It held up. :dance: Delicious. The barleywine…I’ll wait on. I’ve had Killer Penguin before, it’s rather tasty. I have high hopes.

Edited post, the Baptist was Jan ’13, not Oct.