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davescharf wrote:

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I’ll allow it. :)

My thinking behind it was the brewery might not even have your favorite beer of all time but do you want to be stuck drinking just one or two beers forever or would you want variety and that on average would please your palate throughout the year. Your needs of course may be different so pick what you like.

In that regard it would be hard for me to not pick from Surly, Founders, Tree House, Stone, Chimay, Bell’s, Goose Island, Other Half, etc.

It was answered earlier but I’d probably pick Schells. They’ve got always been a favorite of mine and a brewery I rarely have had a beer from. I also don’t need 8,243,668 different IPAs to have

That’s why I chose LTD. They have a multiple of styles to choose from, every time. IPAs to sours to stouts to lawnmower beers. Bent Paddle is pretty much the same way, Back Channel, also. They’re not out to necessarily WOW you, they want to try and have something for everyone.