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davescharf wrote:

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davescharf wrote:

I just wish we had more than one go to Taproom/Brewery for consistently above average beer here in the west metro. The only brewery that fits that description is Back Channel

I have not been to either – does neither Excelsior nor Luce Line qualify?

This is only my opinion but I’m not a huge fan of Excelsior. Like a bunch of other breweries out here they make good stuff but nothing that makes me want to go back regularly.

Luce Line is pretty new which is why I think thy have a chance to be that. I’ve been a couple times thinking if they keep improving they’ll be really good.

Lately if we are going to a tap room that isn’t too far from us it is either Dangerous Man or Back Channel. DM has been making some really good stouts over the summer on top of their other wide range of beers.

Speaking of Back Channel and crowlers we opened a Blue Bomber tonight. Rube, I think you tried this when I saw you there a couple weeks ago but the flavors just really work (Boysenberry, Plum, and Pomegranate). Their fruited Berliners aren’t usually what I go to when I’m there but this is one is excellent

I had the other flavor of the triple fruit. The Empress, which IIRC was raspberry, strawberry and blueberry? Something like that.

Excelsior used to be good, and they’ve gotten lazy. Not really a fan of them anymore, and there are multiple sources that have said they have released beer that they know isn’t up to par, but rather than dump it, they sell it.

And what davescharf said about Luce.