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Slap Shot wrote:

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Slap Shot wrote:

Didn’t feel like anything heavy tonight so I tried Unmapped Fall Lager and it’s tasty but not overbearing. Will end the night around the firepit with some Auchentoshan Three Wood and a Padron 1964.

While I have my opinions on Unmapped (and they are not good opinions), I commend you on your latter choices.

I am sipping on some Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel bourbon, bottles that cannot be sold to the public, due to lack of the Surgeon General’s warning label. Quite tasty. Sold to employees only.

Unmapped is the beer of the month at Tonka Bottle Shop and I’ve never tried it so I gave it a shot. I thought the Fall Lager was decent but I would not go out of my way to go back to it before trying so many other beers out there that I have not yet had since moving away.

Unmapped is 0-3 for me. I was hoping they’d improve, and it hasn’t happened. I agree, always give something a try or two or three. One never knows. :)