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The Rube wrote:

davescharf wrote:

The Rube wrote:

Is that Vikre’s brand names, then? I have heard good things about them.

That’s the whiskey. Everything else would carry the Vikre name.

Nearly everything we had was really good. We bought one of their types of gin and a bottle of the whiskey but I’d have bought more if it wasn’t for our stupid liquor laws. I may have to go back tomorrow as a reult

A friend and I discussed the liquor laws with the Distillers’ group at the Fair. It’s insane. MN is archaic compared to the rest of the US. Other states have odd laws, sure, but we are becoming the worst given the progression of other states in updating laws.

At least we can get more tomorrow if we want or just buy it in the cities. One thing we do like is that the 375mL bottles are good sized for us since we tend to drink more beer and wine. That and we are trying to finish off a bunch of old cheap stuff we acquired over the year so smaller bottles take up less space