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The Rube wrote:

davescharf wrote:

Went boating with my parents on Minnetonka today and stoped at Back Channel. Ran into The Rube and Luckygirl at the bar while ordering.

The Marzen was excellent as was their new fruited Berliner.

Stopped back at BC on the way home from the BC event LuckyGirl and I attended to pick up crowlers. She got the Pride Pie’n, and I did pick up that Marzen.

There were four tents at the event, according to styles, 5 breweries (Back Channel, Drekker, 1840, Mikerphone, and Lua). Mainly bounced back and forth between the stout and sour (fruit bomb style) tents.

The best beers IMO were Mikerphone’s Softly Spoken Lies: Heaven Hill BA Double Milk Stout w/cinnamon, cocoa nibs, and vanilla; the other was Back Channel’s Pride Trick Pony (almost a push-pop style Berliner), similar to their Pride Pie’n on tap at the brewery, but more of an orange-y flavor. The latter was a one-off just for this event, although everyone we talked to was encouraging BC to make a full batch to put on tap.

The worst was Mikerphone’s crushcrushcrush Pineapple Milkshake IPA w/Vanilla. 5-6 of us smelled it, half said pineapple, the other half said pineapple-scented urine. And I do mean urine. It tasted worse than it smelled. As a group, united effort, we couldn’t finish ONE sample of 4 oz. It was bad.

I completely forgot we got the Imperial Porter too. That also was excellent but my wife has been raving about it since we left there.

We on,y picked up two crowlers since we are going breweryhopping in Duluth next week. I suspect we will bring a few more home from there