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The Rube wrote:

I am agreeing that in your situation, I would hit up TW also. :beerchug: I am not in your situation, along with many others, therefore, no TW for me.

And Axe Man, IF you like that style, has been rated high. I don’t like that particular style. Heck, Cantillon is the top beer of that style in the world, and I’m rather meh on it. There is a difference between quality, and what one likes. BTW, I can’t stand Beer Advocate. Baltika Nine is rated higher than Budweiser, and that just isn’t right. Heavy prejudice against big time macros on that site.

That’s not how you originally replied to me, again my post was not about you, and I only referenced BA because you said Axe Man sucks and not because I think they’re the definitive voice on beer. But apparently a lot of people do like it so saying it “sucks” might be the wrong way to go about it as opposed to just stating it’s not for you. Carry on. :)