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I get the little guy argument, but remember where I currently live and then imagine that my liquor buying options are garbage.

I get that, and if I had little to no choice, I’d do the same. Thankfully, I do have a multitude of choices. There are certain stores that get Brewery X, but not Brewery Y, etc, around my area, that’s about the only trouble I run into.

I have s**t for choices where I live. There are some local micros but they don’t sell bottles or growlers – you can only drink their beer at their place. Local stores mostly carry pilsners and lagers, Heineken, Bud, maybe some German stuff. Not 100 different micros. Our version of Costco has maybe at most 3 or 4 micro beers. There is all kinds of variety for wine and alcohol but not for beer in my province. In Manila it’s much better. When at my parents I typically will buy from Tonka Bottle Shop but my dad said I should try out TW and I did, and when I walked in and saw the prices, saw the humidor, the layout, the walk-in cooler I was impressed. I don’t need to be beer snobbed because I’ve been living in a micro-beer hellhole for 7 years. :D

Not beer snobbing you. :) I’d just rather pay the extra $2-$3 to a local store that is carrying what I want. TW really makes their money on their house brands, from what I know.