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One person bought an OLD Mikkeller, when he was in this market years ago, and only selling single cans/bottles, forget the name, and a Hoppin’ Frog 8oz can of QORIS The Quasher (Quad Oatmeal Russian Imperial Stout).

I bought the QORIS (reg and BA) cans, and a 2017 Bell’s Black Note. IF it’s for sale (owner still debating), I am first in line to buy the 2018 Surly Rum Barrel Aged Darkness Variant.

He did have one bottle of the 2007 Darkness (first year they were made, IIRC). We all know it’s going to taste like cardboard at this point, but cool find.

Majority of his stuff is 2014+. Some 2012 barleywines in there, etc, though.

If I have to search for another canning/bottling date code in the next 2 months, though, it’ll be way too soon.

Edit: We DRANK a 2015-2020 Darkness vertical, and shared an Oscar Blues BA Ten Fidy stovepipe can. All were good.