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Picked up this today: Blackstack brewing Miracle Of Birth Center DIPA 4 PK Cans, Our hand-selected Strata and Talus and a dash of milk sugar,

Also: Double BA Iced Barleywine from Untitled Art:

To create this beast, we brewed a full-bodied Barleywine and aged it for a year in Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels . Then we harnessed the powers of our frigid Wisconsin Winters by setting the filled whisky barrels outside to concentrate that barleywine goodness. It was then transferred into new Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels to age and mellow for an additional 18 months! What that means is you get some well-conditioned barleywine dripping of caramel and bourbon.

Looking forward to both of them. That barleywine should be SICK.