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Brewery observations from Utah 2017:

1.Moab Brewing sucked

2. Zion Canyon Brewing rocked

Moab Brewing was OK. Nothing overly fancy. We are heading to Zion tomorrow and may go to Zion Canyon.

My wife and I tried beer from Saltfire tonight and they were probably the best beers we’ve had on the trip. I haven’t been overly impressed with anything though, although I’m not surprised by that

We went to pickup some local wine tonight after dinner and the one liquor store in Moab is only open 12-6. Guess we won’t be doing that now

Be in the park by 8:00 or earlier. If you aren’t – you are unlikely to find parking.

I hope your visit is better than our 3 day experience. 5 or 6 of the more popular trails (including Angel’s Landing) were closed from a recent rain event that had happened. So the trails we did do, Observation Point, Canyon Overlook, Hidden Canyon, and The Narrows were cheek-to-cheek hiking practically. Not really what I look for in a NP experience. Yosemite, for example, is setup better (in my opinion anyway) to handle the crowds it sees. The parks in Utah are not. There are numerous articles online about the “Mighty Five” Ad campaign working “too well” and those parks are being crushed with visitation numbers.

Good luck and enjoy!

We really liked the Riverside Walk at Zion. Small crowds in October though.