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The Rube wrote:

davescharf wrote:

Beer laws in Utah are strange even by our standards in MN. I can buy 4 packs to go at a brewery but they have a strict 2 sample 2 oz. pour) per person rule. I don’t know if this is everywhere but the only liquor store in Moab is state owned too.

SLC Punk (movie) has a great scene/sequence mentioning the Utah laws.

I think there still is a law that states you cannot make a mixed drink in a bar/restaurant in plain sight, lest children see it.

That was the “Zion Curtain” according to locals when we went there in 2018, but it is starting to disappear at a lot of places. The local beer selection leaves a lot to be desired, and most local restaurants had very few options besides the macro breweries for beer. I think when we went there were only about 30 craft breweries in Utah.

There was a brewery just outside of Zion NP in Springdale that was decent. Nothing to write home about, but probably the best beer we had while there. Moab brewing was not good, for my palette anyway.

I was just down in Pinehurst for a buddies trip. You can buy beer, wine, and mixers at the grocery store. If you want the hard stuff, you have to go into a state owned “ABC Store” (Adult beverage center). Which were always non-descript buildings. And there you couldn’t find beer, wine, or mixers. Some what inconvenient if you ask me… I don’t mind Minnesota’s find it all in one place.