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Had the 2021 Perrin No Rules (regular) last night. This year’s batch is a really good batch. Already tasting like it has aged a bit. That smooth.

Forager announced their lineup for Forager Fest in Sept…the line-ride might be back. Depends if I want to spend the money and the time for the bottles.

Barrel Aged Beer Release starting at 10am;

Kitten Treats Vintage 2021

Cognac Puncheon Aged Wheat Wine 16.8% ABV $50

Nillerzzzzz Killerzzzzz 2021

Barrel Aged Vanilla Coffee Stout 14.5% ABV $50


Barrel Aged Stout 14.5% ABV $50


Double Barrel Stout 13.4% ABV $50

Derby Pie

Barrel Aged Pastry Stout 14.8% ABV $50


Critter Cuvee

Barrel Aged Cuvee 13.5% ABV $50


Barrel Aged Coffee Stout 14% ABV $50

Full descriptions on their FB page.