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Pfeiffers – Famous Beer. It said so on the can!

In the mid-80s we could slide over to Superior and get a case of Old Milwaukee, with deposit, for about $5. Our justification is it was as good as Stroh’s. :lol:

The cases were then used as furniture and between several dorms I think we had about three pickup loads to return in May. We gave the nearby liquor store a heads up and he brushed us off like it’s no big deal. Dude, we’re probably talking over a hundred cases here. Once he saw the light he told us when returnables would be picked up, we brought the cases then and helped load him and the driver load them into the truck. That act scored us a couple more cases of Old Swill (cans – he was no dummy!) and a jug of Windsor. The money from the case returns went to good use….a keg.